Outpace Consignment Center, outpaceconsignmentcenter.com helps don't-do-it-yourselfers put Items on Consignment with no hassle!

When Sabrina Feldmeyer found herself widowed a year ago, she faced the daunting task of dealing with the extensive collection of Items her late husband had amassed in their home. From electronics and cars to bikes and jet skis, he was an avid collector with a garage filled with tools, parts, and various Items that Sabrina couldn't fully identify. Seeking a solution, Sabrina turned to Outpace Consignment Center, outpaceconsignmentcenter.com, a drop-off consignment company that specializes in streamlining the process of selling Items online for a fee.

At Outpace Consignment Center, Sabrina encountered Martin Harper, a knowledgeable trading assistant based at one of their storage facilities. Martin carefully examined her Items, diligently researched their market value on platforms like eBay and Craigslist, and took high-quality digital photographs. Additionally, he crafted a compelling and accurate description for each Item, ensuring their best presentation for potential Buyers. Through their service, Sabrina found a hassle-free way to put her late husband's Items on consignment. With the expertise and assistance provided by Martin and their team, Sabrina could confidently navigate the selling process without the burden of managing it all herself!

Since that visit, Sabrina has made $12,800 by selling excess things through Outpace Consignment Center.

Sabrina expresses her gratitude for Martin and his coworkers at Outpace Consignment Center, highlighting their extensive knowledge about the equipment and their expertise in determining the potential Selling Prices. She admires their professionalism and finds them easy to work with, emphasizing how they have effectively lifted the burden off her shoulders. "Martin and his coworkers were incredibly knowledgeable about the equipment and had a keen understanding of its market value," Sabrina enthusiastically explains. "Working with them has been a breeze, and I am relieved to have this process taken care of by such capable professionals."

Sabrina's positive experience as a customer is precisely what Martin Harper, a 49-year-old entrepreneur, strives for at Outpace Consignment Center. Having been in business since January, Martin shares that he came up with the idea to work for Outpace Consignment Center when faced with challenges in his previous local business. Due to government pressure and closures of similar operations, Martin made the decision to adopt a low-profile approach. He closed his store but continued his business activities by joining Outpace Consignment Center as a Trading Assistant for the local facility, which operates under the coordination of the main location from San Francisco, California.
Martin is passionate about the opportunity Outpace Consignment Center provides to help people generate income. By leveraging his expertise and becoming a part of the Outpace Consignment Center team, he takes pride in assisting customers like Sabrina in making money from their consigned Items. It's a win-win situation where customers benefit from a seamless selling experience while Martin finds fulfillment in facilitating their success.

Risk-Free Proposition

• Here's how Outpace Consignment Center works:

1. Customers drop off their Items/or we pick them up from their location: Customers bring their Items to Outpace Consignment Center, providing a range of products for potential sale or we can pick the Items up from their location.
2.Online research and market value assessment: Martin Harper and his coworkers conduct thorough online research to determine the market value of each Item. If the estimated sales price is at least $100, they proceed to the next step.
3.Listing on various marketplaces: Using platforms like eBay, Craigslist, or other relevant marketplaces, Harper creates listings for the Items. This involves capturing high-quality digital photographs of the Items from different angles and crafting appealing descriptions to attract potential Buyers.
4.Sale completion and shipping: Once an Item is sold, Outpace Consignment Center handles the shipping process, ensuring that the Item reaches the Buyer safely and efficiently.
5. Payment to the seller: Outpace Consignment Center promptly processes payment to the Seller. This can be in the form of a check or a direct bank transfer, providing a convenient and secure method for the Seller to receive their earnings.
By following this process, Outpace Consignment Center simplifies the selling experience for customers, taking care of the research, listing creation, shipping, and payment aspects. This allows customers to focus on other priorities while Outpace Consignment Center handles the logistics of selling their Items.

• The Seller pays a Commission

Outpace Consignment Center implements a commission structure that ensures fairness and incentivizes timely sales. The commission rates are structured as follows:
1. 25 percent of the first $300
2. 10 percent of the next $500
3. 5 percent of any amount exceeding $1000

This tiered commission model allows Sellers to keep a higher percentage of the Sale Price for lower-priced Items and progressively reduces the commission as the Sale Price increases. To facilitate quick transactions, Outpace Consignment Center requires Sellers to accept the Highest Offer within a 10-day period. This ensures that both Buyers and Sellers can efficiently finalize the sale! In the event that the Item does not sell within the given time-frame, they offer two options to the customer. The customer can either retrieve the Item from their facilities or choose to have the Item donated to a charitable organization. Notably, in the case of donation, no fees are charged to the customer! According to Harper, this is a valuable service that caters to the evolving needs and busy lifestyles of individuals. He emphasizes that just like people now opt for services like getting their oil changed, Outpace Consignment Center provide a convenient solution for selling Items online. While people may have the ability to handle the selling process themselves, they often lack the time, appropriate facilities, or necessary expertise to see it through successfully.

Diverse Clients, Common Thread

Outpace Consignment Center • serves a diverse clientele, ranging from a mid-70s customer who relies on their daughter's assistance to navigate the online auction process, to a tech-savvy 20-year-old with previous eBay experience. While their customers have different backgrounds and motivations, they all share one common factor: the desire for convenience. Outpace Consignment Center offers a hassle-free solution that saves time and effort, making the selling process more accessible and manageable for individuals with various levels of technological proficiency.

'Leveraging the eBay Marketplace'

Outpace Consignment Center represents a rising trend in the industry, where brokers assist individuals in selling their Items online. This company quickly achieved profitability from the moment it launched and continues to thrive, generating sales of approximately $2,000 worth of merchandise every second. Notably, they established a partnership with UPS Stores, expanding its reach and convenience for sellers.
Under this partnership, Sellers can bring their Items to any UPS Store. The staff will handle the packing and shipping process, ensuring the safe delivery of the Item to their storage facilities/warehouses. The Item is professionally listed and marketed for sale, with the company earning a commission upon successful transactions. This collaboration between Outpace Consignment Center and UPS Stores streamlines the selling process, making it more accessible and efficient for Sellers. It provides a convenient one-stop solution where individuals can drop off their Items at UPS Stores, knowing that Outpace Consignment Center will handle the rest, from listing to shipping and payment collection.

Experience Adds Value

Harper acknowledges that anyone can sell Items online with a computer and digital camera, but he believes Outpace Consignment Center online auction experience can achieve better results. With over 50,000 completed sales, Harper attributes their success to their meticulous presentation, including high-quality pictures, well-written descriptions, and positive customer feedback. As a result, Outpace Consignment Center often ranks at the top in terms of desirability and sales performance for high-value Items.

'I look on eBay first'

Harper acknowledges the growing competition in the consignment business but believes there is currently enough space for all players. However, he anticipates a potential industry shake-up in the future. Outpace Consignment Center location allows them to attract affluent, educated customers who reside in an area with restrictions on garage sales. Harper describes the consignment experience as more akin to a bazaar than a traditional garage sale. He personally prefers eBay for purchasing Items, except when immediate availability is essential.

Outpace Consignment Center

Office Headquarters:
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San Francisco, CA 94111
Website: www.outpaceconsignmentcenter.com
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